Channel Operators

Persons with the @ symbol in front of their nick are considered channel operators, who can change some channel settings and keep order. They have the ability to forcefully remove someone from a channel, among other things. DALnet does not take part in how any channel is managed, that is up to the channel's ops, and ultimately, the channel's founder. Most ops behave responsibly, but if there are any problems, you should contact the channel's founder.


A Ops

An AutoOp is a user with special privileges on a channel; one being that they will automatically be granted operator status from ChanServ upon entering the channel. Others include any setting that the channel founder of may set to AOPs or higher.


  • JQK
  • LeMaXiMuS
  • Arct|cA|rborne
  • tonsofpcs
  • Nvidiot
  • BlackFalcon
  • Hexadecimal
  • Conn

S Ops

A SuperOp is a user with high privileges on a channel; the main one being that they can add AutoOps and Akicks to the channel list. Others include any setting the founder of the channel may set to SOps or higher.


  • haltdef
  • Whiskey`Wonka
  • ^Gecko^


Managers have *almost* full control over the channel with the exception of changing the channel's foundership..


  • Fleabus
  • StevenNT


The channel founder is solely responsible for all the happenings in the channel. Learn how to secure the channel. Train your SOps and AOps on channel security and channel management. Learn the necessary steps need to be taken in an emergency like flood and attempted takeover situations.


  • Wildblue