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What's changed in Windows 7

The New Task Bar

The taskbar is located at the bottom of the Windows desktop. By default, when an application opens, you will see its icon appear in the Taskbar. However, when the application is closed, that icon goes away. For commonly-accessed applications, users can place a permanent icon on either the Taskbar or in the Start menu. This is referred to as"pinning". To pin a program to the Taskbar, once the application is open, right-click its icon and select Pin this program to taskbar. If you want to rearrange a program's location on the taskbar, just drag the item to the desired location. To pin a program to the Windows Start menu, click the orb, then search for the application from the field in the bottom of the resulting menu (programs will appear in the top of the results list). Right click on the application, and select Pin to Start Menu. To unpin an application, just right-click it again and select Remove from this list.

Aero Peek Aero Peek is a utility that is used to preview open programs from the taskbar. Programs that are open are indicated as such by an illuminated icon (see the blue arrows in the example above). There can be multiple simultaneous instances of a single application open at one time. To preview instances of a program, you can hover over the icon for that application. As shown in the example below, by hovering over a program icon, we can preview all open instances of a program. In this case, we have previewed instances of the Firefox web browser. By mousing over one of these instances, you would see its full preview on the desktop. You can close an instance using its thumbnail, or select which one should be displayed on the desktop by clicking on the desired thumbnail.